Nafisa Shazia


  • Studying Computer Science at UBC (2019)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (May – December 2017)
  • Joined the POD Kubernetes Initiatives team and worked with Jordan Siaw, Luke Kysow, Arthur Mencke, Tyler Mauthe, and Anubhav Mishra
  • Developed with Go, Docker, Kubernetes, AWS Lambda, Terraform, Vault, and Python
  • Connect with me on GitHub and LinkedIn

My contributions

  • Assisted with the production hardening of our Kubernetes clusters by implementing an autoscaler, rescheduler, and darklaunching library
  • Migrated more than a dozen services from Mesos to Kubernetes
  • Developed an internal service for monitoring and alerting on cluster health metrics
  • Led initiative to upgrade secrets management with Vault
  • Researched and implemented a PoC for strengthening network security on AWS infrastructure: Securing Services for Kubernetes on AWS

My experience

I spent two co-ops at Hootsuite and can say with conviction that they have been the best industry experience I have gained so far as a university student. Every developer I worked shoulder to shoulder with has been dedicated, enthusiastic, talented, and aspiring. My managers were supportive, believed in my abilities, and saw to it that I was satisfied with the projects I undertook.

It’s strange to look back and reflect on the fact that I barely knew anything about modern distributed systems or cloud infrastructure prior to starting here.

Over the course of these terms, I learned about container schedulers, networking, infrastructure as code, continuous integration / deployment, writing Go code, and handling secrets (tokens, certs, credentials, etc.) through multiple layers of the provisioning and deployment stages.

My time at Hootsuite has shaped my standards for work culture and team leadership. I strongly recommend it to any technically-minded student.