Peng Fei Wang


My Contributions

  • Optimized Webfeed by batching message sending and database calls
  • Added multi-delete functionality to the scheduled data service
  • Helped implement the new scheduled message sender service
  • Created a github pull request template generator service

My Experience

My time at Hootsuite has been absolutely insane. Never did I expect as a co-op to work on and create components that are part of the main production system. Getting to program in Scala was also an eye opener – how fluently the actor system works to handle currency was absolutely magic, and getting to use functional programming principles in a real world environment helped to solidify this new paradigm in my mind.

Every day I got to experience something new, whether it was learning how each individual service works to how the services here are built and deployed. Here I learned about the workings of a growing and powerful service oriented architecture, which to me was invaluable.

The culture here is exactly what you would expect at a startup. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is nice, humble, and always ready to help. The people here really embrace Hootsuite’s culture of being “A passionate, egoless team having fun building something bigger than themselves”, and I can’t think of a better working environment.