Peter Deltchev


My Contributions

  • Built an internal tool to track the reliability of Hootsuite’s continuous deployment pipeline
  • Implemented upgrades to Hootsuite’s billing system that improved revenue and the user experience
  • Parallelized an O(n) process, scaling it for Hootsuite’s largest clients
  • Institutionalized the knowledge of several tools and processes by documenting them
  • Fixed hairy bugs that only occurred in production
  • Delivered multiple Lightning Talks

My Experience

My position at Hootsuite came with a lot of “firsts”: my first office, my first software engineering job, my first time working with code that actually runs at “cloud scale”, and the first workout routine that worked for me – thanks, #HootFit!

From Day 1, my teammates supported me through all these firsts and more. The onboarding was extensive, the feedback loops tight, and everything we did drove value to our customers. Four months isn’t a long time, but Hootsuite invested into my professional development the way they do for full-time engineers – and a ton of fun, learning, and contribution was had as a result!

Now, as my term with the CoreUX team draws to a close, I’m comfortable working with an “enterprise-size” codebase, navigating projects with multiple stakeholders, and jumping into those tricky bugs that our most avid users uncover. The Hootsuite experience even attuned me to the “softer” aspects of engineering: a new appreciation for business processes, seeing how 150+ engineers stay productive together, and a relentless commitment to benefit the customer in all we do.

I couldn’t have picked a better place to start my tech career.