Rafael Jacinto

Rafael Jacinto

My Contributions

  • Developed enhancements and fixed user-reported issues in the Customer Happiness team
  • Integrated Redis into our build servers for running integration tests on Team Assignments
  • Held a tutorial for the Customer Happiness team on how to write Casper.js tests
  • Brought Google+ functionality and in-stream photo previews to Hootsuite’s mobile web application
  • Contributed to the structure and feature coverage of our Casper.js test suite for mobile web
  • Presented two Lightning Talks and five Product Demos

My Experience

During my adventures in previous co-op opportunities, Hootsuite was a household name. As I discovered more about the platform and the company from my previous co-workers, the only natural thing to do as an aspiring engineer was to wonder how it all worked, and to admire the brilliant minds behind it.

You can imagine my excitement when I opened up the Co-Op job search website one morning and saw Hootsuite on the list. I definitely pounced on the opportunity tout-de-suite!

Right off the bat, working at Hootsuite is an amazing learning experience. Everybody is so excited about learning new things and so adept at sharing their discoveries! Thanks to the incredible team of engineers I have been working with, I have already gained a lot of new insight and skills as I tackled feature enhancements, bug fixes, and A/B tests, all in just the first few weeks of the term. It’s very empowering to be able to make these contributions to the company, and gives me the feeling of ownership of my work and the determination to leave the code in a better state than when I found it.

Without a doubt, this is an excellent opportunity for Co-op students who are passionate about software and social media. You will be among people who love what they do, and you will be making a difference right from the get-go. It’s never a dull day around here, and you’ll be learning lots from the moment they take you under their wings.