Rodica David


Her contributions

  • Imported a part of code base into Bazel
  • Created jobs for automatic testing with Bazel
  • Extracted metrics of Bazel improvements
  • Wrote documentation and guidelines for Bazel integration into Insights

Her words

Firstly, when I decided to join Hootsuite, I was looking for an opportunity to learn and build new skills. Now, when the summer internship came to an end, I can sincerely say that this was an extremely positive experience, but also an eye-opening one, as it gave me a look on how a career in software development would be like.

During this summer, I have faced some challenges, but each of our mentors was very supportive, encouraged us to ask any questions and helped us in solving our problems. Working around such talented and passionate people was very encouraging to me.

I really enjoyed the time spent at Hootsuite and I am tremendously grateful for all the  valuable experiences that I gained here, which made me realize that I would like to work in such an environment in the future.