Ryan Lim

  • Bachelors of Computer Science at UBC (2018)
  • Spent an 8 month co-op term at Hootsuite (Sept. 2016-Apr.2017)
  • Joined the Data Lab team
  • Worked with SQL and R to run data analytics on behavioural data
  • Find me on Github

My Contributions

  • Worked on the user behavioural clustering project
  • Assisted with creating a template for experimentation while launching new features
  • Hackathon: Worked with a team to create a data visualization and event tracking system for the Hootsuite site

My Experience

When I first started at Hootsuite, I was blown away by how much they trust co-ops to do work that’s meaningful to the organization. They manage to strike a balance between learning new and exciting things, and producing meaningful work. Although Hootsuite has been around for awhile now, they manage to retain the culture of a startup. From Random Coffees to Social Fridays, there are ample opportunities to network and meet other developers. You work on an incredibly knowledgeable team who are always willing to help if you’re stuck on a problem.