Sabrina Ng

My Contributions

  • Collaborated with the Plan & Create team and conducted an extensive social network audit in order to provide product update mockups for New Compose.
  • Collaborated with the Engage team and Plan & Create team to provide concepts and mockups for the future of direct messaging.
  • Collaborated with the User Research team by synthesizing user interviews and conducting an affinity map exercise to provide insights for Hootsuite Analytics.
  • Worked on launching Integrating Workplace for Hoothack 2017

My Experience

I joined Hootsuite as a UX Designer with a curiosity for what the tech industry had to offer, especially in the realm of experience design as it was becoming an area of interest for myself. During my time at Hootsuite, I’ve taken on various projects with full ownership which was paramount to my personal growth. Before I knew it, I was growing in areas valuable to me: a team member, a mentor, a young designer, an individual. I worked on real projects with real problems and opportunities to design for. 

Mentorship is an important resource for anyone regardless of field or study. It’s a valuable asset, an indispensable tool, and a byproduct of a healthy work culture. More importantly, it’s free. Through my mentors, Noel and Paul, I’ve grown to heights beyond my own expectations. I don’t recognise who I’ve become and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I hope you become unrecognisable after your work term.

Working at Hootsuite gave me the first peek at what it takes to ship a product. I began to see the holistic side of a product by speaking with product design managers, user researchers, and design leads regularly. This exposure to different areas across product helped me further understand my role within the life cycle of a product. You simply can’t mirror this experience in a classroom. I’ve grown as a designer and as an individual. Thanks to my team, I’ve become a stronger designer and a foodie. I mean, I eat eggs benny’s now – that’s next level classy.