Sebastian Valdivia

Sebastian Valdivia

  • Studying Computer Science with a minor in Commerce at UBC (2015)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (September – December 2014)
  • Joined our Publishing team
Worked with Javascript, PHP, CasperJS, Backbone.js, Underscore.js, and LESS
Teammates include @chandavid and @k_britton
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My Contributions

  • Implemented new save draft and templates workflow for the message box
Cleaned and removed old code for templates and worked with the team to implement the new version
Added paywall functionality to restrict access to content library and supported different types of hierarchical access
Implemented the tag and search UI for assets in the content library

My Experience

Hootsuite is a company that has always interested me; a successful startup that is one of the leaders of Vancouver’s tech scene. In addition, I heard a great variety of positive comments about the co-op experience here; as a result, when I got the opportunity of working here I definitely didn’t think twice.

Hootsuite is a community of passionate engineers that are accessible, friendly and are always will to help. In addition, every employee is encouraged to learn and develop his or her own career towards their interests; Hootsuite has reading groups, guilds, group chats rooms, talks and meet-ups directed to a wide range of technology-related topics. During my term, I joined the PHP and Javascript guild to learn more about how these languages are used here and what new technologies could improve the current implementation. Furthermore, all new engineers are paired with a training guide who is an experienced developer in your team. My training guide helped me learn about Hootsuite’s code, front-end development and was my initial connection to all other developers in the office.

The work environment at Hootsuite encourages interaction and communication among its employees. Offices are cabin themed, there are no divisions between desks, and there is a variety of ambients:  nap room, gym, yoga room, lodge lounge, silent room and even a band practice room. During my time at Hootsuite, I improved my technical skills but also had fun. I went to the gym before work, played in a band (I even got the chance to play live in one of the company events), moved my computer around to work in different places and took some of the fitness classes available to all employees.

As a co-op at Hootsuite, you are treated as any other junior software developer; as a result, you are given complex tasks and have the opportunity of having an impact on the Hootsuite user base. Development here is continuous, so any approved change directly goes to the production. I was part of the publisher front-end team, we were assigned to completely revamp templates and improve the content library feature for a corporate client. This was exciting because I had never been given the opportunity of have such an impact in my past three co-op terms.

Hootsuite is an amazing place to work, have fun and learn. If you are passionate about technology, willing to learn, love challenges, want to work in a fast-paced, enriching environment and have fun, then Hootsuite is the place for you. I definitely loved my time here.