Sherry Yuan

  • Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2019)
  • Eight month co-op at Hootsuite
  • Joined Android core team
  • Worked with Simon Tse, Neil Power, Wesley Alcock, Andy Fisher, Roy Tang, and Kirsten Dohmeier
  • Worked with Kotlin, Java, RxJava, Dagger 2, and Retrofit
  • Find me on Github, Instagram, and LinkedIn

My Contributions

  • Redesigned and implemented rich notifications for the Hootsuite Android app in Kotlin
  • Helped release version 1.1 of our open source library Nachos
  • Worked on various internal libraries used by our main Android app
  • Used the Agile methodology
  • Wrote a blog post about creating custom notifications for Android
  • Got slightly better at foosball

My Experience

Before I came to Hootsuite, I was told that all Hootsuite co-ops play a lot of ping pong and generally have fun. This is true for me, but there is much more to the co-op experience here as well.

I wanted to experience working both at startups and established companies, and Hootsuite provides the best of both worlds. It’s large and diverse enough that it offers conferences and yoga classes. At the same time, Hootsuite remains flexible and personal with small, well-organized teams. In my first week, I was amazed to learn that the Android and iOS teams have already switched to Kotlin and Swift respectively despite the size of their apps. And everyone is passionate – about our products, about the technology we use, about making Hootsuite a great place to work.

I’ve learned a lot over the past three months thanks to Hootsuite’s working out loud culture and I would recommend this company to anyone looking for a co-op or internship in the tech industry.