Shuai Hao

  • Studying Master of Engineering at University of Victoria (Class of 2017)
  • Spent 8 months on Operations Development Team at Hootsuite (January – August 2017)
  • Worked with Ansible, Terraform, Diamond, Sensu, Python, Unix/Linux, and AWS
  • Worked with Alex Zadorozhnyi, Andy Han, Arthur Mencke, Bryan Neyedli, James Ishee, Jeff Welling, Jonas Courteau, Nick Hollingsworth, Ronald Bow, Tyler Mauthe
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My Contributions

  • Developed a tool for managing all instances with collection of ad-hoc scripts that can be run
  • Automated Campaigns SOC2 Auditing and Operations User Teardown
  • Migrated various databases from Mysql RDS to Aurora
  • Created replication slave servers for EC2 Mysql instances
  • Terraformed and ansiblized varieties of infrastructure
  • Write a blog about database migration

My Experience

Over this work term, I had various duties such as developing tools for automating internal operations processes and contributing to infrastructure maintenance and changes. In this position, I was able to further my skills and learn more about the world of professional IT operations, software development, and networking. In infrastructure maintenance and changes, I was able to learn more about the process of infrastructure delivery as well as the different tools such as Terraform, Ansible, and custom scripts. I am adept at these tools and I am able to build, change, and provision infrastructure safely and efficiently. I also contributed to setting up master slave replications for EC2 Mysql databases and various database migrations from Mysql RDS to Aurora.

The experience and knowledge I have learned from this position has allowed me to grow and develop as a developer and learn more about DevOps. It allows me to get a new perspective on software development industry. Working in Hootsuite has been an enlightening experience which has allowed me gain a multitude of experience from various areas of software development and IT operations, which allowed me to realize more potential career options.