Simion Florentin

My Contributions

  • Improved the front-end development flow by integrating UI visual testing
  • Built a pluggable visual regression testing library for UI testing, independent from specific implementations, i.e browser, test runner, etc.
  • Chai plugin for aforementioned lib for writing better assertions
  • Mocha reporter with CLI and HTML reporting
  • A nice responsive UI for the HTML report using React
  • A little server to manage the screenshots on disk
  • Wrote a blog post on TDD/BDD with Javascript

My Experience

I really had a great time here at Hootsuite! I was really excited about joining the front-end team. Why? Because I didn’t have much experience with frontend development and I like to learn new stuff.

I met some very nice and friendly people, and, most importantly, with a strong technical background. My co-workers were available at any time of the day to answer my questions and provide me support.

What was great about this internship is that my project was open sourced, which required combining our current needs with the ones of the open source community. The fact that Hootsuite wants to share with others seems great to me. It says something about Hootsuite’s culture.

A very good feeling was that, despite my lack of experience, I was treated like any other team member. This is trust. I managed to finish the project, with all its proposed goals. That I am very proud of. I am really happy that I didn’t disappoint the people around me.

Goodbye Hootsuite! I hope to see you again!