Simon Song


  • Studying Computer Science at University of Waterloo (2016)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (January 2015 – May 2015)
  • Joined our Security and Compliance team
  • Worked with AWS, Ansible, and security related tools
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My Contributions

  • Conducted penetration tests on internal servers
  • Responded to security incidents
  • Conducted user and system audits
  • Maintained and monitored Hootsuite’s intrusion detection system
  • Published a blog post about Intrusion Detection Bots

My Experience

My work experience at Hootsuite has been unique compared to my previous experience. From day one, everyone I met was welcoming and asked me if I need help. Hootsuite treated me as a full time employee and I was given challenging tasks. Moreover, I was given a lot of options and support from my team to work on the project which gave me a lot of flexibility.

My mentors invested significant amount of time to train me how to use various security tools to find vulnerability and exploit the web applications. These skills sets are something that I would never learn in school.

I feel very fortunate that I had an opportunity to work in Hootsuite. I not only learned new things from my mentors, but also I learned from other talented members from Operation, Development, and IT teams.