Solon Zhu

  • Studying Computer Science at the University of British Columbia (2018)
  • Spending 8 months at Hootsuite (Sep. 2016 – Apr. 2017)
  • Joined our Engagement team
  • Worked with ReactJS, NodeJS, MySQL, Scala, LESS, PHP
  • Worked with Eric Puchmayr, Josh Lamb, Chris Brownlee, Greg Bell, Josh Gildart, John Pillion, Joan Fornells, Lisa Thai, Diego Fu

My Contributions

  • Added endpoints to a Scala microservice
  • Helped to create Assignments Manager, an entirely new feature in the Hootsuite interface
  • Expanded interface between Scala and MySQL with Slick
  • Published a blog post about working with Scala’s Futures and For comprehensions

My Experience

I loved my time at Hootsuite – I got to work with a ton of cool tech to implement a lot of useful features. Getting to work on so many things, from Javascript frontends to giant PHP backends to Scala microservices, and even a little MySQL, was a lot of fun and taught me a lot.

The Engagement team is a real pleasure to work with. Everyone’s super friendly and helpful, and I honestly think I wouldn’t have had half as good an experience without the people on the team. Looking forward to returning for my second coop term!