Somayan Chakrabarti


  • Studying Computer Science at University of Waterloo (2017)
  • Spent 4 months at Hootsuite (January – April 2015)
  • Joined the iOS Mobile team
  • Worked with Facebook API (FQL + Graph), Objective-C, and Swift
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My Contributions

  • Upgraded Facebook endpoints from FQL to Facebook Graph v2.2
  • Added new Facebook streams to the main Hootsuite iOS app
  • Participated in and contributed to app architecture planning process
  • Fixed various bugs and refactored legacy code
  • Worked on the new Notification Centre

My Experience

My work term at Hootsuite has been an interesting experience. I’ve always been treated as an integral member of the iOS team, and that’s clearly reflected in my contributions to the primary Hootsuite iOS app. In addition, my co-workers and mentors have been generous with their time and knowledge.

Coops are given a lot of flexibility and support to build on their skills and interests. For instance, I have a strong interest in design and user experience. When I approached members of the design team, they were happy to answer my questions and gave me good advice on how to pursue this field as a career. My mentor also gave me consent to spend time learning various technical concepts that I personally found interesting. The iOS team meets once a week to discuss latest trends and learn about Swift and best practices. Through my work and these meetings, I’ve had the opportunity to hone my iOS development and general programming skills.

The culture is unique given that the company is still a large startup, everyone is young and lively and there are cute dogs everywhere. For designers and developers, there’s a lot of interesting work coming up at Hootsuite over the next few years and I look forward to seeing how this product grows and affects social media.