Sonika Prakash

Sonika Prakash

My Contributions

  • Created Spark jobs for key product metrics used in visualizations for mobile and web
  • Part of creating Organization Activity Tool to centralize data for Enterprise Organizations
  • Assisted in maintaining/improving the Product Data infrastructure
  • Implemented Data APIs/SDK and UI to access DAU data for organizations
  • Data pulls for internal customers from Hadoop using Hive

My Experience

I first came to Hootsuite when they were hosting a hackathon in association with UBC. Naturally I was very excited because I had heard so much about their great office and amazing culture — from their mysterious secret retreats to their crazy social Fridays. As the hackathon came to an end I knew that this was a company I would love to work for.

I was always curious about Big Data, but at the time it was more of a buzz-word to me rather than something I could actually get my hands on. When I saw Hootsuite was offering a Data Science co-op position I was instantly intrigued and applied for it — though admittedly, at the time I didn’t really have a clear notion of what working with Big Data actually entailed.

During my term here with the Data Lab team, I worked with mentors that helped me grow not only as a data engineer but also as an active member of the tech community. I had been given the trust and responsibility to build products that impacted Hootsuite in a big way. It’s satisfying to know that I’ve been a part of something that will possibly carry on through the rest of Hootsuite’s existence.

Initially I worked on large data pulls, ETLs and DB management, then moved on to building our data infrastructure with Spark, Scala and DFS/RDDs. During this transition, I learned that technologies related to Big Data were constantly shifting, new solutions were being created and had to be integrated daily. It was so inspiring to work with people (literally Gurus of their field) who were constantly taking on the challenge to keep our data infrastructure as current as possible.

While I was here I also had the opportunity to attend events like Lightning talks, Polyglot unconferences and technical reading groups (to name a few). I love how everyone at Hootsuite is so passionate and willing to impart their knowledge to the rest of the community. There are so many initiatives outside the office, like Ladies Learning Code or hosting meetups, that people take on to help the tech community grow.

Over all being a part of the Hootsuite nest has been an incredible journey and I would definitely come back. I would most definitely recommend Hootsuite to future co-ops/interns who love being part of an incredible environment and an absolutely amazing community.