Sonny Yu

  • Studying towards Bachelor of Computer Science and Business Administration (Class of 2020) at University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University
  • Worked for 4 months on Test Tooling Team under Product Delivery at Hootsuite (January – April 2017)
  • Worked with Go Language, ReactJs, Jenkins, Docker, Shellscript

My Contributions

  • Refactored Arbiter Test Management System to use Less Stylesheets
  • Refactored several components of Arbiter Test Management System to use ReactJs
  • Created API’s and handlers in Go for the Arbiter Project
  • Wrote Unit Tests in Go and ReactJs

My Experience

Being and Owl means much more than completing my Coop Term.

The moment I walked through the doorsteps, what stood out immediately is the tremendous respect Hootsuite culture has for its coop students. This respect embodies in various forms from the onboarding sessions, where we were trained together with full time employees including senior developers, to the bi-weekly sprints where we were encouraged to tackle any challenging tickets including major refactoring and improvements tasks where creativity and talent come into the process.

During the past four months, I was honored to work alongside the Test Tooling Team under Product Delivery, which focuses on improving the developer’s experience in the development journey. Our team strives to build test management systems and tools for Automation Engineers and Software Developers to create and manage unit tests and automation tests. On a daily basis, we work with languages including Go, ReactJs, Nodejs, Shellscript, and tools like Docker, Jenkins, and Github.

In this process, I actively participate in the development of Arbiter, a test management system that manages the pipeline tests in real time to reduce the resolution time for pipeline failures by making possible a user-friendly connection between the client and the Jenkins Automation Server. Arbiter is a Go Language Project with its front-end written in ReactJs. Having in mind the importance of user-friendliness, we have developed a favourable UI with a built-in multi-theme support available for the users to pick from, a process in which I took part in heavily.

Looking back in my journey here for 4 months, Hootsuite’s technology, culture, work ethics, and, most important, people, have never failed to amaze me, I would, beyond doubt, recommend this company to my friends without reservations.