Steven Xu

Steven Xu

My Contributions

  • Built a header image editor featuring applying filters, positioning, zooming, drag and drop etc.
  • Implemented the feature to automatically refresh campaigns which fetch live user generated social media content
  • Added the ability to track ecommerce clicks as well as social media shares with Google Analytics and Facebook/Twitter API
  • Implemented a moderation page for contest entries with responsive design
  • Wrote a blog post about Why He Changed Functioning Code to Accommodate a Test

My Experience

Working at Hootsuite is an experience that I have never had before. As a member of the Campaigns UX team, I really enjoyed every aspect of being a front-end engineer. It is invaluable for me to get hands-on experience with the products that are important, scaled and packed with exciting technologies.

Perhaps the keyword of my co-op experience here is “trust”. On day one I was told I would push something to the production servers by the end of day. This may sound scary but this is the essence of being trusted, and it is the only way I realize that I am capable of more than I know. My manager has given me opportunities to implement features that are as important as those that full time developers work on, and I learn as I write code. It feels rewarding when my feature is recognized and loved by other teammates, and it’s undoubtedly the best time of my life when I hear customer success managers calling our customers with great excitement and passion to introduce them to the features that I just shipped.

Shipping code is exciting, but what I love even more is that engineers are not the people who “write the code as requested”. Every engineer is involved in a weekly session where people take time to break down big features into smaller, measurable and executable tasks, so that in the implementation process, everything is clear and performance is therefore greatly improved. I also particularly love the idea of “Sprint Retros” where people do retrospection on themselves and the team, so that we understand what can be improved, and how.

Working at Hootsuite Campaigns is an absolutely rewarding experience, and I’d recommend my position to everyone.