Tammy Liu

My Contributions

  • Contributed to a high performance back-end Scala service from its inception to deployment and testing in Hootsuite production
  • Built REST API endpoints and accompanying SDK for Scala and PHP
  • Established and implemented best practices for re-architecting monolithic PHP code into an independent Scala service
  • Developed production quality alerting and status checks for a new micro service communication infrastructure
  • Wrote a blog post on the process of migrating from Monoliths to Microservices

My Experience

Hootsuite is a place to learn, grow, and connect with awesome people. Not only does it have an open and supportive culture, but everyone is always constantly looking to improve. I met so many people who are incredibly smart and ambitious and just overall wonderful.

I learned much more than I imagined possible in only four months. I worked on a new micro service with its new service infrastructure, shared knowledge with others, and participated in guilds and reading groups. During the entire time I was an integral part of the team, working on the same project and collaborating on the same goals. One of our top priorities was to ensure that no one was blocked, which meant that every day I felt that I was productive and always contributing to the project.

My team went for a coffee walk at most twice a day which was the best kind of break, even if I didn’t drink coffee and was mostly there just to socialize (and grab a chocolate chai while I was at it). Hootsuite is a place where I felt comfortable yet challenged. It’s a wonderful environment to be in if you want to learn and grow while being surrounded by great people.