Teodor Stefu

Teodor Stefu

My Contributions

  • Imported a part of code base into Bazel
  • Created jobs for automatic testing with Bazel

My Experience

I had the pleasure to meet some people from Hootsuite during our faculty’s extracurricular activities and course. I was amazed to find people with such energy and a desire to do everything as good as it can be. I knew that this kind of people should be at Hootsuite and I was right.

I applied for a co-op backend position and I was accepted for Insights team. The entire team was very friendly and they made me a part of the family since the first day. They were always ready to help me when I was in need. One of the greatest things that I found here is that the working atmosphere,  lounge events in the evenings and the office made me feel relaxed and productive like I was working from home.

During the internship, I improved my software engineer skills, learned a lot of new technologies and probably the most important, experienced working in a team with great people. I am very thankful to them because they offered me a summer full of engineering challenges.

Importing a big part of Insights project in Bazel to reduce testing time execution is a challenge that kept me focused and offered an opportunity to practice for my upcoming faculty courses.