Tom Yang

  • Studying Combined Major in Business and Computer Science at University of British Columbia (2019)
  • Spent 8 months at Hootsuite (September 2016 – April 2017)
  • Joined our Mobile Platform Team, and worked with ReactJS, BackboneJS, PHP, Golang
  • Worked with Adam Arsenault, Rafael Jacinto, Martin Jung, Denis Golovan, Jacob Lee
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My Contributions

  • Contributed to integrating Hootsuite social media streams page into newly launched Microsoft Teams
  • Built a command-line tool to clean up inactive device’s push notification subscriptions in our database
  • Helped to migrate Hootsuite mobile web application from BackboneJS to ReactJS
  • Wrote smoke tests for Hootsuite mobile web application, specifically in the Facebook Page part
  • Published a code blog about Our Journey In Smoke Test Frameworks

My Experience

I enjoyed working at Hootsuite. During my coop term, I got chances to work on many interesting projects using different new technologies. From front-end infrastructure to back-end micro-services, to the continuous integration process, learning and trying out all these amazing cutting-edge technologies and tools is exciting and eye-opening. At Hootsuite, there is no “special treatment” for co-op student, every co-op is able to contribute just like a full-time employee. What is also great is that everyone in the company is always open to help, I can easily reach out to anybody for help. Taking this benefit, I feel that I have grown a lot in both technical skills and communication skills. The culture in Hootsuite is awesome as well. Hootsuite has its internal Hackathon that allow everyone to work on something fun; the random coffee and social Fridays is a great opportunity to network with others in the company.

Mobile Platform Team (a.k.a mobile web) is an awesome team to work with. Here I am able to work as a full-stack developer, and try different new languages: ReactJS, PHP, Scala, Go. Most importantly, everyone in the team is extremely nice and helpful. I could only learn half  of what I learnt without their helps. Big thanks to Adam, Rafael, Martin, Denis and Jacob!