Daniel Zhang

  • Studying Computer Science at the University of Waterloo (2022)
  • Spent 2 months at Hootsuite (July – September 2017)
  • Joined our Amplify team
  • Languages I worked with: Python, Ruby, and JavaScript
  • Technologies I worked with: Watson Developer Cloud, Flask, Sinatra, PostgreSQL, AngularJS, LESS, and Docker
  • Worked with @darragh_kirwan and Amplify team
  • Connect with me on Linkedin or Github

My Contributions

  • Created, annotated, and tested a custom data set of 2000+ points for purchase intent classification
  • Fully built and dockerized an internal Flask web service to detect and score purchase intent in tweets by interfacing with IBM Watson
  • Implemented contact ranking by purchase intent in Amplify, integrating the Flask web service in both our existing Sinatra back-end and Ionic front-end
  • Added support to Amplify for “likely buyer” push notifications
  • Published a blog post and gave a presentation on Leveraging Machine Learning to Rank Buying Intent

My Experience

Working with the Amplify team at Hootsuite for the last 2 months has been the best possible way I could have spent my summer. From day one, I was entrusted with a project that both provided direct value to our users, and that pushed me beyond my boundaries. Along the way, I’ve had the chance to learn about new technologies, work with amazing people, and work with an industry-standard codebase.

It’s evident that Hootsuite goes above and beyond in valuing its work culture and its interns. Right from the beginning, you’re paired up with an amazing mentor who supports you through the whole process of onboarding, and it really makes joining Hootsuite all the more easy and enjoyable. Whether it’s the team lunches, the social events, or how supportive everybody is when you need help, it leaves you wanting more every day.