Noah Tajwar

My Contributions

  • Worked on the new Notification Centre for Instagram
  • Refactored the way incoming push/pull notifications are handled
  • Added support for displaying assignments for Instagram in streams
  • Added the ability to quote a tweet and to display quoted tweets in streams, details views and the publisher
  • Worked on the Compose Feedback feature
  • Helped design and implement the Query Builder feature for Twitter searches
  • Developed Nachos: an open source library to implement material chips on Android
  • Published a blog post about handling orientation changes on Android
  • Published a blog post about writing the Nachos library
  • Won UBC’s Schulich Leader Scholarship

My Experience

Working at Hootsuite has been an incredible experience. It has given me the opportunity to meet lots of incredible people and develop my skills as a software engineer. I also learned to use a variety of new technologies that I had never seen before, such as Kotlin, Rxjava, and dependency injection with Dagger.

In my time at Hootsuite, I felt like I was really able to contribute to my team. By the end of the first week, I had submitted my first code – a feature that allowed users to quote a tweet on Android. By the end of my term, I was able to expand this feature by adding the ability to view quoted tweets in streams, details views and the publisher. Once it was done and pushed to production, I could even see how it impacted users in the real world. Over the entire two months I was given the opportunity to tackle more and more challenging tasks and I got extensive practice with these new technologies and the entire process of the development cycle. In my second term, I was given the opportunity to take ownership of the Nachos project, in addition to working extensively on Query Builder. These both gave me some more design-oriented experience that was extremely valuable.

The most amazing thing about Hootsuite, though, is the culture and work environment. Everyday, I got to work with intelligent, friendly people and it was always fun coming to work. I felt like just another member of my team and everyone was very welcoming. Working at Hootsuite has been an unforgettable experience and I’ve made so many great memories here. I will certainly miss it once my term is over.

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