Vadym Martsynovskyy

  • Studying Computer Science at the University of Toronto (2021)
  • Spent 2 months at Hootsuite (July – August 2017)
  • Joined the Developer Products Team
  • Worked with Scala (Play framework), ES6 Javascript (Frontend, Node, and Express), Python, and HTTP RESTful APIs
  • Worked with Sim Brar, Jody Chambers, Isha, Steve Cullingworth, and Neil Power
  • Hootsuite Github, Personal Github, and LinkedIn

My Contributions

  • Created three sample apps for the Hootsuite App Directory and published them on GitHub (two are in the first repository): HootsuiteApps/sdk-sample, and HootsuiteApps/dropbox-media-library-sample
  • Implemented an HTTP endpoint in a Scala microservice
  • Came in with an external perspective and was able to capture valuable feedback on the Hootsuite developer documentation. This feedback provided value for both Hootsuite and external developers working with Hootsuite’s APIs and SDKs.
  • Wrote a blog post on Writing Sample Apps for your own SDK.

My Experience

This summer at Hootsuite has been my best summer yet. I’ve met many people, learned how to work cooperatively, learned new technologies, and had my first job, all in only two months! The work that they gave me was meaningful, and I was fully integrated into my team. I had both the opportunity to contribute to Hootsuite’s existing products and code(which I did multiple times) and work on sample apps, which I had a lot of freedom and room for creativity on.

Everybody at Hootsuite has been nothing but welcoming and I’m going to miss both my work and the people who work at Hootsuite. Whenever I had a question there would always be somebody on my team there to answer it, and they if they didn’t know how to answer it they redirected me to somebody outside my team which was very helpful. This experience is an invaluable one not only because of the technical learning but also because it’s taught me how to adapt to a new environment and work with new people. This has been the best “Life After High School 101” I could have ever asked for.