Ike Lee

  • Studying Computer Engineering at the University of Waterloo
  • Spent 4 months atHootsuite (September – December 2017)
  • Joined the Engage Team as a Back-end Developer
  • Worked with Josh Gildart, Lisa Thai, Rafael Jacinto, Ken Ho and Alex Brioux
  • Technologies used: React, Play, Scala, GraphQL, PHP
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My Contributions

  • Heavily contributed to building our GraphQL service
  • Heavily contributed to the back-end development of a new Hootsuite product and part of the team that implemented message media
  • Contributed to the planning of big projects for 2018
  • Wrote Blogpost on GraphQL

My Experience

Working as a co-op at Hootsuite has been amazing. Their love for new technology, passion for quality code, and all the amazing people made my time here a great one. It’s a company I would love to work full time at, and I’d recommend it to anyone wanting to work at a hyper-growing Canadian tech company. 

One of the best part about Hootsuite is their culture – they constantly push you to work harder and better, but never compromising fun and flexibility. You have the freedom of working in a way that best suits you, whether that’s on the couch with both feet up or behind 3 monitors and noise-cancelling headset. They value hard work and zeal for learning and provide guilds, meet-ups and mentorships to set you up to maximize learning. Even as a coop student, not once did I feel that I was getting treated as a “temp” or an “intern.” I was entrusted to work on production code, which came with lots of responsibility but also meaningful work and motivation to contribute. 

The culture at Hootsuite was also incredible; everyone was willing to help, and there was never a lack of people reaching out to made sure I got the most out of my coop term. Outside work hours, people were actually friends, spending time with each other and meeting coworkers – this is something I haven’t really seen in big companies. Social Fridays were always something I could look forward to and even on the days without Social Friday, you could often see people sharing a beer with a teammate. 

I was a part of a team to work on a brand new feature of Hootsuite’s platform. Seeing how such a big project came together from essentially nothing was truly an amazing experience. I got to develop features for this new platform, which involved LOTS of Scala, some PHP and even some React/Javascript/CSS.