Kickstart your Career in Tech @ Hootsuite – Summer 2018

Love technology? Are you a high school student in grade 11 or 12? Do you live in British Columbia?

This is the 4th summer of Hootsuite’s Tech High School Program and we’re back offering an opportunity to sharpen your technical skills in our company and community of creators, innovators, and builders dedicated to championing the power of human connection.

You’ll pair with a mentor and work side-by-side with a passionate team to build something bigger than yourself. You’ll experience what it’s like to build products that millions of people use every day.

There are opportunities at Hootsuite in all aspects of technology including software (both mobile and web), operations, and IT.

This is a paid position with a competitive salary.

Application Deadline: Apr 30th, 2018

Application instructions are at the end of this post.

Hootsuite 2018 Summer High School Program
The only source of knowledge is experience – Albert Einstein

Software Development

Work with our software developers to build and ship software in a continuous delivery environment, where we ship code to production many times a day. Come and collaborate on solving problems with other developers and play an active role in shaping our product as you learn. Some of our current technologies include Javascript (React.js and Flux), Go, HTML5/CSS3, Scala, Python, Play framework, iOS, Android, Akka, MongoDB, MySQL, and more.

“Working on Hootsuite’s Publishing team has made this the best summer of my life. I’ve learned a great deal about web development as well as developing software as part of a team, which is something that you can only get with experience. The skills I gained during this summer will be incredibly valuable down the road and I’d like to thank everybody at Hootsuite who gave me a hand in developing them.” – Rhys Rustad-Elliott.

Operations Development

Our operations engineers build and maintain the systems infrastructure, servers, and networks that power our mission-critical social media applications. Put another way, your code may not end up on the homepage, but your team loves you because you make everything “just work”. Our current technical stack and tool chain includes Consul, Terraform, Nginx, MySQL, MongoDB, Sensu, Graphite, PagerDuty, Redis, Memcached and many others. We build tools with Python, Bash, and Perl.

“Working for the Ops Team at Hootsuite I get to work on methods to maintain Hootsuite’s infrastructure. It’s the biggest responsibility I have had over the years working for various tech companies. It has taught me how to think bigger and foresee problems. I think what makes Hootsuite awesome are the people here. They are amazing, talented, and really friendly. It’s a fun environment to work in and everyone has trust in each other to do the right thing.” – Mishra.


Our “NerdNest” team supports our 1000+ staff who need a stable and reliable environment to get their work done: hardware troubleshooting, setting up laptops, network admin. This is best done with a positive attitude, by someone who is graceful under pressure and has a natural curiosity for solving problems with physical technology. Our technology includes Apple, Dell, VoIP, AD, Okta, VMWare, Meraki, multiple SaaS solutions, and Google Apps to highlight a few.

“I used to think that being in IT is about being a hardware engineer, but once I started my co-op, I realized that there is a great deal of diversity within the IT department. There are a variety of opportunities and positions: helpdesk, support, purchaser, system administrators, and technicians.” – Shameen Gill.

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Application Instructions

Apply for this position here, on our careers page.

Selected candidates will hear from Hootsuite directly.